Unusual mirrors: Add Glamour to Your Space with Stylish Reflections

Add Glamour to Your Space with unusual mirrors

While selecting a decorative accessory we make sure it is functional too. We think styling matters equally as the functionality does. In the case of choosing unusual mirrors.

we always want a piece that is good looking as well as usable. Englanderline’s deft designers are expert in making such glamorous accessories.


We handcraft perfections that can complement any space. You can buy stylish reflections for both commercial and residential usage.

There are much more options in an unusual mirrors you can choose from. Here we represent some style tips for making your space even more gorgeous with mirrors.

Hit the Contemporary Antique Look

The evergreen antique look is a grand way that never goes out of trend. If you love loads of woodwork and ornate designing then this look is perfect for you.

We hand carve every edge of this wall hanging and floor standing reflections. Their woodwork and ornamentation make them royal perfections.

Their mesmerizing beauty and timeless design can give an outstanding look to any space.

The grand appearance of every mirror can fill up space with royal glamour. You can style your home with these antique masterpieces for an old is gold feel. Add the old world charm to your space with our antique mirrors.

Pick the Modern Touch

The modern style reflections come in a great variety of designs. You can opt for any size and style that fits in your space.

Here you get a small mirror with a decorated frame for your cozy bathroom. The grand reflection piece with an embedded base table and loads of decor are perfect for your bedroom.

You can use it anywhere you want and in any way you like. Our bespoke collection of designer mirrors has lots of design choices in the modern look. Give your desired look to your home with these modern luxuries.

Different Types and Usage

In both contemporary and modern style reflections, you will get multiple options. We have a designer wall hanging mirrors that can decorate your colourful walls.

Our collection features a variety of designs that can fill your empty walls with timeless grace.

The 2nd option is the floor standing mirrors with an embedded console table. It offers double functionality for placing your desired essentials.

These are designer dressers with a decorated frame that can make your space stylish as well as functional.

Benefits of Using Reflections

  • > Reflective mirrors are the best way to add natural light to any space with their reflection properties.
  • > Experts use mirrors as a smart decorative for providing a large look to a small space. Simply the mirrors can make the small space look bigger than it is.
  • > They are a trending way for styling and filling space on your colorful walls.
  • > A mirror with a console can make your dressing room even more stylish and functional.

So give a glamorous decor to your home with our bespoke mirrors in a myriad of designs.