Our skillful craftsmen are able to precisely apply technical drawings up to the highest standards using hardwood, making sure that our products will last for many years to come. Working closely with our contractors and interior designers, the result is beautiful artistic objects made by hand that comprise love, care and paying attention to every single detail. We use both modern methods and hand skills to come up with our beautifully crafted furniture.

Wood carving

We have been working in hand made wood carving for more than 20 years, including French, English, and Spanish wood carving techniques with the finest kiln-dried hardwood. This guarantees that our clients get good quality and durable furniture up to the highest standards. Taking pride in the skills of our invaluable carvers, the art of mastering carved wood furniture makes each piece to a model of functional art. Thanks to the skills and expertise of our valuable workers, our wood carvings are all made with depth and sophistication to look great in your living space. Our team also have the ability to fully custom made any design of your own


After beautifully making our handmade wood carvings, we move to the veneering step which adds a dazzling range of effects besides the scope of solid wood. Our fully handmade veneering mechanism allows us to use cattle bone glue and make sure that our products will last for many years to come. We also offer a wide range of finest quality veneers, including popular kinds, such as American oak, maple or beech as well as exotic and unpopular species.

Please note that our customers can customize their Room with different pieces of furniture.