Our story started in 1964 in Alexandria, Egypt by three talented carpenters. Their work includes wood carving, French carpentry, and French polishing. For 15 years, the three carpenters have mastered the art of coming up with unique French furniture pieces. Since their divine work started to be very well – reputed all over the country, a French businessman has liked the production from their workshop. Fortunately, their work has been shipped to the French market and had a great response from the market. This was the beginning of their international journey.

Later on, we started to provide bespoke furniture for many hospitality businesses in South France with high-quality furniture, including hotels, bars, and restaurants, spreading our divinely crafted and hospitality furniture all over the country. Our main mission was to create environmentally and friendly furniture for our clients in the French market. Thanks to our distinguished reputation, we expanded our business to supply boutique houses, hotels, and luxurious palaces in Belgium with our elegantly crafted furniture. Our bespoke furniture was preferred by our clients in France and Belgium thanks to the beauty, reasonable prices, and the high-quality furniture we delivered.

In 2004, under the leadership of founder Ayman Gaballah, our company achieved a quantum leap by relocating to Wimbledon, East London, and making a decisive entry into the British market. Our focus shifted to supplying boutique hotels and residence inns with exquisitely designed furniture, marking a significant milestone in our journey.

Recognizing the importance of tailored solutions, we dedicated ourselves to manufacturing bespoke and custom-designed pieces for our discerning clients. From hotel bed frames to chairs, bars, restaurant seating, and tables, we meticulously crafted each item to reflect the elegance and individuality of our clients’ businesses. With every project, we held true to our commitment of working diligently and with a genuine passion, ensuring that every step, from inception to final delivery, was carried out with love and care.

Ayman Gaballah, our esteemed founder, played an instrumental role in driving our success, infusing his expertise, vision, and dedication into every aspect of our operations. His leadership and unwavering commitment to quality continue to shape our company’s ethos and guide us in delivering exceptional furniture that surpasses expectations.

In 2006, Englanderline joined with Oksana Glinska. Her remarkable skills in interior design and curtain making were a great addition to our team and our company. Oksana masters the art of coming up with different curtains’ styles as well as various designs to suit many décors, either classic or modern. This partnership allowed us to equip hotels with high quality hotel furniture and curtains up to the highest standards. Our hospitality furniture included lobby furniture, bar furniture, restaurant furniture and reception furniture. We have also managed to provide hotels with other soft furnishings, roller as well as roman blinds. Our made to measure curtains and other soft furnishings items are all handmade by experienced curtain makers and then fitted by professional fitters.

Our work also included supplying hospitality and hoteling businesses with 100 % certified Egyptian cotton products, such as bath towels, hand towels, swimming pool towels, face cloths, bath mats, bathrobes, cotton slippers, fitted and flat cotton bed sheets, duvet cover and cotton pillowcases.

Englanderline offers professional and expert guidance on how to design furniture in a way that reflects your business.

Please note that our customers can customize their Room with different pieces of furniture.