Englanderline furniture company provides you with exclusive interior designing services. Thanks to our experience in carrying out major commercial projects, our skillful workers have the ability to exhibit a wide range of innovative ideas for your hospitality furniture. Not only we provide perfect designs for your project, but also we implement and visualize these designs for you. Our main mission is to come up with designs that meet your expectations and wow your hospitality guests.

We handle residential and commercial projects and offer a variety of services from a simple plan to complete 3D model visualization. This helps our clients to select their appropriate furniture design, curtains & blinds, other soft furnishings, wallpapers, paint, lighting design, and even floor treatments.

Our services include providing us with a floor plan. We meticulously work on this plan and come up with designs that suit your business, ranging from contemporary, modern, ultra-modern, antique and traditional. When deciding on one of the proposed designs, we immediately start working on the selected design.

3D Drawings

For luxury bespoke furniture, we offer 3D models visualization for each section of the project, making sure that our clients are satisfied with the proposed designs. We make sure that our clients get perfect 3D models visualization for each section of their hospitality furniture, such as lobby furniture, lounge furniture, bar furniture, and restaurant furniture. This allows you to view all possible options in realistic photos and get perfect future results.

Furniture Design

Englanderline offers many bespoke furniture designs for commercial projects. With our 20 years’ experience, not only we have the ability to meticulously handle commercial furniture projects, but also we design and finish them to last for many years to come. Suiting many designs, our products come in a choice of timeless upholstery options and beautiful finishes. Englanderline offers a wide range of materials from trustworthy suppliers. All you need to do is custom-order your furniture and ask for the materials you are willing to see in your business. We will be very pleased to add a bespoke touch to your living space.

Curtains and Accessories Design

Since we joined with Oksana Glinska in 2006, Englanderline offers its clients a large selection of high-quality fabrics for curtains and other soft furnishings accessories for home or commercial projects, making sure that our clients get the perfect designs. Our services range from measuring, manufacturing and fitting of curtains, poles, tracks, sheers, roman & roller blinds and other accessories for major commercial and hospitality projects, mainly high end residential, hotels and restaurants. With the help of our interior design team, we work closely with our clients to offer them various designs for soft furnishings and advise them on the choice of fabrics, cushions, and other accessories.

Towels and bedlinen

Our work also includes supplying hospitality and hoteling businesses with 100 % certified Egyptian cotton products, such as bath towels, hand towels, swimming pool towels, face cloths, bath mats, bathrobes, cotton slippers, fitted and flat cotton bed sheets, duvet cover and cotton pillowcases. Our luxury toweling collection includes different sizes and colors. We choose Egyptian cotton for our towels and bed linen products, for the high-quality, smoothness, and lustrous finish Egyptian cotton delivers.


When deciding on one of our proposed designs, we provide you with mock-up rooms based on the chosen design. Our interior design experts offer a range of suggested virtual designs for your project’s furniture, curtains, cushions, fabrics, and other soft furnishings accessories. Every single product in your project is fully handmade by skillful workers, making sure that our clients are completely satisfied with their design. Our handmade techniques come in a choice of either classic or modern neutrals for long-lasting luxury. Suiting all tastes, we offer a choice of wood, veneers, metals finishes, and fabrics for our clients. After visually viewing your projects, our clients are free to change the placement of their furniture pieces as many times as they like.

Furniture Manufacturing

We manufacture furniture in accordance with the highest specifications for commercial projects. We work closely with our designers and contractors to come up with bespoke and contract furniture that is guaranteed to wow your guests. If our clients have a design of their own, our expert team has the ability to apply it for them in a choice of timeless options of wood, veneers, and metal finishes. Then, we implement the design and customize bespoke furniture that will bring an alluring and eye-catchy look to your space.

Technical Drawings

We develop manufacturing CAD drawings in accordance with our clients’ designs. Our CAD specialized software helps us to realize and make use of every single inch up to millimeters. CAD design drawings also allow us to meticulously fit curtains and other soft furnishings accessories.


Our skillful craftsmen are able to precisely apply technical drawings up to the highest standards using hardwood and divinely finish, making sure that our products will last for many years to come.

Please note that our customers can customize their Room with different pieces of furniture.