How to choose the right window treatments?

Choosing the right window treatments

Changing your interior space can be as easy as choosing the right window treatments. Window treatments are not only considered as an essential part of styling your living space, they also have a practical use for shutting out light and keeping in warmth in your living area.

Whether you like to sleep in absolute darkness or want to enjoy morning sunlight flooding through your windows at the start of the day, window treatments should be your first consideration.

If you having a double-glazing window, warmth shouldn’t be an issue as you may have some of our lined or inter-lined bespoke and handmade curtains as window treatments.

Japanese-style blinds are the most preferred choice for our customers for their enormous versatility, shapes, and high-quality materials used.

The Velcro attachments mean you can easily change your window treatments according to mood or season. With the help of these window treatments, our customers might opt for sheer one day and leather the next day.

Apart from being practical, these window treatments also create strong graphic lines and bring a stylish aesthetic into your interior design and home décor.

Our handmade curtains have more organic materials than blinds, particularly if they are allowed to fall on the floor in pools of fabric or left enough to gently swing in the breeze.

Remember that when curtains are drawn down, they bring a block effect of color and pattern throughout your interior space.

This means you have to choose a design that looks eye-catchy in your interior space. Neutrals are preferable by most of our customers as you will enjoy looking at them all the time.

Blinds Vs. Curtains

Blinds or shutters are the most practical and functional choices for being both fit and functional in your interior space where curtains are not an option. Attic rooms on sloping dormer windows are a very good example.

If you choose a shutter in a hard material, such as wood, it should be balanced with something much more tactile elsewhere in the room, such as a chair that is upholstered in rich velvet fabric and an eye-catchy color.

Window treatments can never be designed without taking into consideration the rest of the soft furnishings inside your room.

Every single piece of your interior space must be linked in harmony There must be links between the different elements, nevertheless these should never be as clear as the over-coordinated soft furnishing ranges that were popular twenty years ago. It is simply a question of striking a visual balance.

It may be that the curtain fabric in a bedroom is picked out by a runner going down a headboard, for example, or a panel of fabric across a cushion. Or it might be that a fabric blind is subtly mirrored in a throw over a chair back or a runner of fabric covering a table.

Finally, handmade curtain finials, curtain poles, and other decorative details must be all linked to joinery, other elements, and soft furnishings in your interior space. Cabinets that have sharp, straight lines should be completed by similarly unfussy curtain poles.

Similarly, finials are like placing jewels on the curtain pole. This helps in bringing and adding a touch of fun or glamour to your room. If, for example, you have intended to have a bathroom with lots of glass, choose a pole with sparkling and shiny glass finials. The most essential part is to bring subtle visual links between one part of a room and another.