How To Style Velvet Bedside Table Or Velvet Sofa?

How To Style Velvet Bedside Table Or Velvet Sofa?

The interior design has some period or trend the same as the seasons. Today the dark combination is trendy, and you will see some other style next year. The only exceptional and versatile design that goes on and never fades its look and style is the velvet furniture. Velvet is an elegant texture and goes well with any color, but black and silver bedroom furniture has its separate fan base. No color other than black suits velvet. 


Velvet bedside table gives us a sign of royalty and nobility. It has so smooth texture that everyone tends to love the velvety texture. Its dark complexion provides prominence to other furniture items and gives a lavish look to your royal lounge room. 

We will tell you about not so big and upfront item. We will notify you how you can style your velvet bedside table or sofa in your bedroom: 

Styling for the Velvet Sofa Set

Two for texture

Velvet bedside table works better when we put them along with some other furniture items. It works well in contrast with concrete or wooden made furniture. For instance, velvet curtains and sofas with wooden furniture or flooring are very common and eye-catching contrasts. Use velvet in color contrast with your furniture to give your sofas a prominent look.

Velvet matches velvet

Suppose you are a big fan of the velvet bedside table. Get your sofa set a combination with a velvet chair in the bedroom. When picking velvet, make sure your colours are in contrast. You can either match them with similar shades such as black and grey or silver. Or you can choose the opposite colours as black with white or beige.

Velvet Bedside Tables 

Talking about the velvet bedside table, it comes as a complementary piece with your bed. your bedroom look is incomplete without the side tables. Bedroom means comfort, which gives you a comfy and relaxing sensation. The velvety texture is the only one that can give you the best feeling. It is so smooth, and the color looks so attractive. Trying to match your velvet bed with bedside tables? You can check your dark velvet color with a grey velvet bedside unit with a glass top. Decorate it with beautiful and elegant designed lamps to give a dim and serene effect to your bedroom at night. Greenery fits everywhere. You can also put small bouquets or planted pots on your velvet bedside tables.

Moreover, you can place framed pictures on the velvet bedside table to match your velvet styled bed. A small mirror at the top of the bedside tables is also a great idea to glance at your face before napping.

People read books before going to sleep. You can style your bedside table with some good reading books.


There are so many ideas for styling your sofas with your other velvet bedside table pieces. Try pictures framed above the sofa sets or cushion with different designs and colours to your velvety sofa set. You can also try the new style of velvet bedside table UK. These are the small pieces of your furniture that create a great impact on your interior’s look. The velvet bedside table is great, but the only thing you need to keep in mind is that it is dust sensitive and easily catches dust. Keep on dusting regularly and keep it safe from dust.