Made To Measure Venetian Blinds

If you wonder how you can embrace your view coming through your window at home, blinds are the answer to the amazing view inside your interior space.

Many years ago, people used to put up pieces of cloths or stripes made of wood to shield them from light and nosy neighbors. Nowadays, blinds are still being used for the same purposes as before.

We have many suppliers for our blinds, including lined roman blinds, Austrian blinds, sheer solitude blinds, roller blinds, and even wood Venetian blinds.

The perfect thing about blinds is that it has many beautiful fabrics and designs that suit all tastes, either modern or traditional.

This gives your living space the amazing view and style you are looking for. Therefore, to get the amazing view that brightens up your house.

Our team will provide you with a variety of blinds and their main distinctive features. Our expert professional designers offer a wide range of options and finishes that are different in service, mechanism, pattern, and colour.

The design of our fabulous collection and ideas of stylish blinds will look great in your business.

Roller blinds can be divided according to material whether hard or soft as well as size. Aluminum and wood are used in making hard blinds as in Venetian blinds or pinoleum.

However, the fabric is used to make soft blinds which are reinforced in the roll-up blinds or nailed down in roman styles. Blinds are made to suit different ranges of rooms and styles.

Blinds never consume the area around the window and can be fixed inside the window alcove or outside in order to make the window looks bigger and allows more light to enter the room.

Blinds also work perfectly well on one side of the window or on two or several sides in case of bay windows.

Another area of variation in blinds that they come in bespoke or readymade. our customers can make their own simple soft blinds for a home with some detailed instructions.

Made to Measure Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds

So what are Venetian blinds? Blinds were used in the 18th century in Europe and Venetian blinds originated from Venice as the name suggests.

However, some claim that Venetian blinds were originally from Persia when they first saw how palm trees allow light and air to penetrate. Venetian blinds are made to fit all spaces specially glasshouses.

How to put up Venetian blinds?

When Venetian blinds are put inside window recess, they are made of curtains and strips of wood covered in cloth. There are different types of materials for Venetian blinds.

City people usually prefer aluminum Venetian blinds or wooden Venetian blinds or painted blinds to bring some warmth to the room. Because high quality wooden Venetian blinds look good with curtains, they are used in traditional houses as sun wood wooden Venetian blinds slats and floral printed curtains remind people of summer.

Plastic, wooden, or aluminum slats work well in kitchens and bathrooms because they are not damaged by water or moisture. Venetian blinds prices are affordable and they may vary according to materials and sizes used.

Do Venetian blinds block out light?

Most blinds are provided with two cords; one to control the movement of slats and the other is to raise or lower the blind at night, offering a detailed description of how you open and close Venetian blinds.

The different choice of patterns in Venetian allows you to turn the room from complete darkness, by overlapping the slats,  into daylight by tilting the slates onto a horizontal position.

You can also raise the whole blind and stack it up or let it down, but then it requires some feather dusting or a slat-cleaning brush.

Venetian blinds are bought either made by measure or ready-made, and even the latter can be changed in measure according to your spaces. You only need to learn how to measure for Venetian Blinds.

Venetian blinds too long?

Don’t worry reducing the width of blinds is easily made by cutting the slats with a slate cutter; however, it’s not easily done in wooden slates as they can split and they are not easy to be fitted or pleated.

Vertical Louvre Blinds

Vertical Louvre blinds are the same as venetian blinds because they have slats but they are hanged vertically. Vertical Louvre blinds look like curtains as they are opened from the center towards the sides.

This type of blinds totally blocks sunlight because they are fixed into the ceiling and goes all the way down to the floor. They are very practical for office use.

The top vanes (vertical slats) are fixed onto a headrail with rotating hooks while the bottom vanes are attached to a chain.

Most of the time, Vertical Louver Blinds are custom made so when you buy this kind of blinds you can choose the method of closing whether to the left, right, or to split from the center.

Vertical Louvre Blinds are made from different materials such as wood or aluminum and also they come in different colors according to the impression you want people to take about your space.

The panels can be fixed individually or connected from the top and they can either be made by order or bought readymade.

For more services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experts and ask for advice. You can also enjoy our free delivery service. Every order is made with love and care by our expert team from measuring until the last step of fitting them out for you.

For extra advanced features and tips, a new collection of bespoke blinds products will be available online soon on our website.