Antique Style Dining Table with Hand Carved Wood Sculptures 8 Legs

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Our dining room also needs some special décor. It will make our meal time pleasant and comfortable. While having your food you always need enough space for serving it.
If you have a clean and enough space for serving food then your guests will praise your hosting. You will get compliments for selecting a nice dining table for your home.
It will bring an aesthetic appeal to a dwelling space. You will get a lot more designs in antique style dining tables on Our grand collection features classy products that can transform the look of your dining room.
These are hardwood furniture pieces with designer hand carvings and polishing. We design this antique dining furniture with our expert hands.
Smooth finishes show the finest quality crafting in its development. You will see the shine of finish that is totally bespoke. Making such a royal piece requires everything’s selection with expertise.
We make our final selection of materials and designing style after a deep research on current trends. We know what you are looking for and provide the same piece of your desire.

Solid Wooden Frame:

The antique dining table is made up of quality hardwood that ensures its durability. The frame and top are all of wooden and contains intricate hand carvings.
It is a true example of our dedicated handcrafting and designing. We select rustic finish of polishing for giving it an antique look. It is just flawless in appearance and can make your space highly appealing. You will be the favorite host of your guests anytime they visit your home for a meal.

Functional Space:

It has a strong wooden tabletop with smooth polishing that enhances its final finish. The tabletop has much more space for holding your dinnerware and glassware for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
After installing your essentials on its top it will give you sufficient space for serving the food as well. You will get no difficulty while placing the materials on its top and even while serving the meal.
You can pair antique dining table chairs for making a complete dining room set. It will give a comfortable seating and serving space during your meal time.
You can also add a table top cover for any special occasion and decorate it in your desired way. Our dining tables are fully functional, designer and durable in features. They are the pieces that can complete the look of a home.

Antique Finishing:

It is a perfect hand carved beauty with such an adorable look. It is a true example of antique reproduction style of furniture. You will get 100% satisfaction with your buy for this stylish furniture.
Having this in your furniture means you have a royal choice for decorating your living space. It has a designer top with round corners like an oval shape. It has beautiful ornate metal designing beneath its top.
Strong and stylish legs make it easy to place. The stylish legs also have ornate designs on them that enhance its beauty to a great extent. You will get attracted towards its beauty in the first look.
It is one of our top selling furniture at UK. We craft this beautiful piece on demand of buyers as its getting a nice response. People would love to add this antique beauty to their luxury homes.
You will feel like having a royal meal with this royal looking dining table. We believe that this will definitely bring the attention of guests.
It will completely fill the space with grace where you install it. We design this royal furniture especially for homes that are looking for antique dining tables. You will also find it suitable for your home after having a look at its design.

Bespoke Polishing:

We provide full hand carving and polishing facility that brings a shine to our creations. You will get smoothness on its top surface as it is smoothly hand carved and polished by our designers.
Its finish will offer multiple options from light to dark shades as per the user’s demand. You can select from the available options in customized product category.
So make your selection for the color of finish and get your piece of desire ready for your home.

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Width 198 cm, Depth 100 cm, Height 78 cm

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