Curtain Making: The best styles for elegant curtains

Curtain Making can make your room cosier.

Curtains and window treatments are integral parts for your living space to look more cosy, elegant, and most importantly, private. It does not only bring the patterns of your whole room together, but it also provides you with the privacy and isolation you need.

It will make your room look more welcoming at day and more cosy at night. Your curtain could have a pleat pattern or stitching fabric, which may vary in length according to your need.

Drop from paths or poles; curtains soften the windows’ edge without them the windows might look bare. Elegant curtains can fit to just below the sill or full-length according to the room.

Kitchens and bathrooms usually demand practical sill length curtains while living rooms require classy full-length curtains. You can combine your roman curtain with the drapes to minimize the otherwise plain look and ensure your own bespoke curtain.

The size of your curtains ranges accordingly to the color, pattern and hem needed. Unfortunately, your favourite design of curtains is not always the size you require. So, it is important to be familiar with how to hem your curtain with hem tape or using a sewing machine.

To be divinely finished, the hem of your curtain needs to be folded twice. Therefore, you need to have more fabric for the fold and cut them longer than you want them to be in your space with no error.

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There are multiple factors to consider when deciding upon your perfectly chosen curtain. First is to decide whether you want them lined, unlined, or interlined.

Lining your curtain means including extra fabric which will grant more privacy due to this thickness. Secondly, you have a wide range of finished heading to choose from; whether Tape, clips, eyelets, tabs, or hand-sewn headings.

Finally comes the last step which is the ensemble; fitting and hanging your curtain, looking great with other soft furnishings in your interior space.

In every single process,  our team helps you to alter every corner of your living space with a flick of a button, bringing in beautiful views to your home.

Different curtain styles

Sheer curtains

Sheer curtains are resembled carefully in an elegant and classy style,  allowing luminous and natural sunlight straight to your space without explicitly screening to outer landscape.

The drops of your sheer curtains are usually employed in rooms where you require privacy but love to have interiors illuminated by natural lighting.

There is a wide range of sheer curtains in different textures, patterns, and colors. They are also available in different widths in which there is no need for unattractive seams for having a wide sheer curtain.

Unlined Curtains

This style adds a soft and suitable look to your room. It is the best choice for blinds-including rooms as it softens the hard blinds’ edges and provides you with an effortless silky look to your room.

They will not shun out the noise or light as the lined curtains. However, they parallel the patterned fabrics and highlight your room’s colors as the light shines through.

They are also very practical, inexpensive and easy to put on, wash, and remove for people who fancy periodical makeover to their homes.

Lined and Interlined Curtains

Lining and interlining are perfect for protecting the fabric as well as enhancing the drapes in your curtain.

Linings are made of soft satin-woven cotton which is the protecting factor against the sun and dirt in the air. High-quality linings, colored linings and blackouts are also available with a wide range of designer curtain fabrics. Among this wide range is crease-resistant linings which would ease and save time in their ironing.

Opting for linings means going for the slightly thicker options in curtain styles to accommodate for shunning out the noise, dirt, and unwanted sunlight in specific spaces.

As for the interlining, they cast your curtains in a beautiful and impressive finish. They are usually readymade of a blanket-like fabric that is interwoven between the lining and the main fabric.

You can have control over the thickness of your curtains through choosing between the medium or heavyweight linings.curtain making The choice of fabric is also yours; you can go for the traditional cotton ones or the exclusive synthetic ones. Whatever fabric you choose to fit your need, it is always advisable to buy a pre-shrunk fabric to avoid further shrinking when cleaned. As for taking care of linings, linings should be dry cleaned and hung on large poles for weight-tolerance.curtain making

In every single job and design, our curtain makers’ team offer a complete curtain fitting service from measuring curtains until the last step of fitting them out for you.

Our interior designers will also guide you to establish a plan for your living space decoration, furnishing and other storage facilities you require. This allows a perfect match with other furniture in your home.