A coffee table is a piece of furniture that completes our home furniture. Our sofa and chairs have incomplete look without a coffee table. It is essential furniture for serving coffee and tea to your guest. It serves as a sofa table, center table and for placing a centerpiece on it in your home. Englanderline.com features a grand variety in coffee table designs. We have many different shapes and designs of coffee tables in our collection. We bring uniqueness to our customers with the pristine quality of materials. Our expert designer crafts these luxury coffee tables with their expert hands.

It will bring real beauty to your home for enhancing its appeal. The making of these robust items includes silver side table UK extreme expertise and effort of our designers. We craft the finest quality hardwood with designer shapes and trendy styles. We have the modern as well as antique coffee tables in our collection. Our designing and styles are completely new and unique in the whole market place. We have the world’s best craftsmen and designers who craft these coffee tables UK.

Multiple Choice Options:

We have many design options our designer coffee tables UK you can choose simple coffee tables for sale from. Each coffee table has its own specific features and style. You can buy simple tables for sale expensive as well as simple coffee tables all with the finest quality materials for luxury coffee tables uk.  Our range of prices will never compromise with our product quality and durability. All the furniture items we have coffee table sale at affordable prices and with most beautiful designs. Let us discuss different options you can choose from.

Brass Coffee Tables:

We select the best quality brass materials for crafting a strong frame. Then we paint this beautiful brass coffee table frame with best of Metalic finishes. The most popular finish we use is gold. Brass legs, frame, and a wooden or marble top give it a unique look. It will look like a stylish as well as the contemporary coffee table. The brass frame reflects the true retro style furniture that brings a shine to your living space.

Silver Coffee Table:

It is our designer coffee table with a perfect shade of polishing. Both golden and silver finishes are smooth in looks and also goes with every home style. These are useable with every interior design and color scheme in your home. These luxury coffee tables are special furniture for luxury homes and hotels.

So you can easily create a match with your home interiors by selecting the right finish. It is one of our top selling creations in antique range. You will get both antique as well as modern style in silver coffee table range. The distress paint finish gives them a flawless look that enhances the appeal of space where you install it.

Antique and Contemporary Designs:

We have special care for the customers which are found of contemporary and antique styles. Our antique coffee tables are one of our rich creations in the best of antique finishes. You will get the best of bespoke finishes for having a truly contemporary style in your home.

Our contemporary and antique style coffee tables are the shine of luxury space. They are available in best of materials in frames and hand finishes. These are strong pieces of furniture with extreme durability. They have a long life span and long lasting beauty. They have woodwork as well as ornate designing that make them more beautiful.

Complete Hardwood Tables:

These are our solid wood creations with the whole wooden body. They have unique styles of body and legs. These are robust, fully functional and beautiful tables with antique finishes. These complete wooden tables have enough space for placing all your decorative essentials. You can serve coffee to your guests in a stylish way with this designer table.

The full flat surface and clear lines on glossy finish give it a fabulous look. The wood cutting, chipping, and slicing are done with hands for giving it a perfect shape. You can opt between Oak veneer, Macassar, matte, and glossy finishing styles. We choose the finest quality Oakwood for making these durable pieces. It comes with X factor style and dark polishing shades that make them appealing for every home style.

Variety in Shapes:

There are many styles in the shapes of coffee tables. You can go with the shape you like the most. Our available shapes are:

Rectangular Shape of Top:

It is the sleek and contemporary style of top with a traditional rectangular shape. You will get the most stylish and thick top materials with an extra glossy finish. The shape is available with sharp as well as fold corner designs.

Round Shape of Top:

It is the designer full round shape on beautiful brass frames. You can opt for marble top while selecting a round shape table. It perfectly goes with every sofa and set of chairs. Our luxury coffee tables have the best of bespoke designs and shapes.

Customization Option:

In this option, you can select your own favorite style and finish. Our designers complete your simple side tables with the same style and polishing finish. You will get the piece of your desires crafted with our designer’s hands.

Bespoke Finishes:

Finishing adds an extreme shine to our furniture. We finish the polishing with a touch of our expert hands. You can choose from different finishing option that we have in our coffee table sale such as:

  • Coffee Table with Marble Top
  • Coffee Table with Glass Top
  • Classical Style Coffee Table with Veneer Finish of Top
  • Coffee Table with French Marquetry Finish

We have the luxury furniture pieces that can complement the style of your home. They are examples of our magical handcrafting and polishing. Every table has a rare look because of unique design patterns on its frame. Intricate carvings under the frame, woodwork, and unique leg style make them really beautiful. They can enhance the appeal of every interior style in a home or hotel.

These handmade tables are in our collection so you can buy them at reasonable prices. This catalog of coffee tables includes all styles and designs for giving you an option to choose from. You can select the desired piece that matches with your style. We make sure they will cater to all your functional needs. We craft the usable and robust furniture that meets your expectations easily.


Overall these products are truly bespoke creations by our designers. Delivering quality products is our priority for giving you 100% satisfaction. You will get a fully functional furniture piece with the best of bespoke crafting and finishes. Our options give a grand variety you can select from. We make sure you will get the same piece you are looking for. All the products are at affordable rates and with the finest quality.

They will stay bold and beautiful for a longer time. Their shine is long lasting that make them timeless furniture items with new designs. Add an appealing look to your living room by installing this roust table. Make your coffee time stylish and beautiful and be a reliable host. They will never disappoint you in any aspect from style to durability. It is enough for complementing the space with its appearance. So reflect your class with these classy furniture items from englandrline.com.

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